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Maya in the Spring
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Monday, February 15, 2010


As 8:46 am it hits and the dim dark dust falls,they stand at post.
Right hand over their heart and the American flag flies ½ mast.. flowing so briskly in the background

And I just sit still now

Brimming my finger over my coffee mug ½ empty dark, no cream, no sugar

I spill the rest by shifting back and forth thru papers on my kitchen table, frustrated and in dismay of what I saw eight years ago

I can remember back to cries, sirens and shocking reviling thoughts

Now its jus a moment of silence

Silence for the victims …

Questions still arises was it group of organization terrorist threat, or inner stage plot?

I don’t know.

All I know is people, everyday people. People of all walks of life, Atheist, Muslim, Christian’s, grandparents, mothers and fathers you and I
Now holds a black frame with no body, no grave, no they had no warning of what this day shall hold forever ,empty towers now rest a memorable grave site.

Seeing thousands line up for a moment of silence, not knowing even knowing what this day means. I had no idea that this day my grandchildren will read this like I read about Perl Harbor.

Some would turn their eyes to hate, fighting a war with regret in their eyes. I’ll put you on the line, don’t care if you come home in a tin box remembering those boxes, silver long remembering is so hard. Still I hold my troops and sway them back in forth, saying thank you for protecting my life is not enough.
Holding on to dear life… grudges will kill you dead. More die, sticking with pins and needles … tip toeing around on pins and needles, the truth hurts for some. Crossing the line to gain your agenda.

Oh how those towers those towers replaced with neon lights beaming to heaven.

Yes 8:46 hits the clock keeps ticking, years keep passing and lives keep living and dying.
Yes Dying and living ..the living must choose to live or die, come walk in their shoes?

Someone may regain thought or hope or jus a reassurance that maybe their loved one(s) might walk away from the dust.

No such hope, the dust rose 8 years ago and they still stand year after year hoping the moment silence can return but the clock keeps ticking. Running late was not option trying to be punctual employees.

Many people said coulda woulda shoulda….why was Dear old Johnny not late. Or my wife was late jus yesterday why not 9-11 of all days…these questions still arise for the victims love ones.

But the ones that made it from the dust …the ones that missed that subway and the ones that called in sick, they live with the questions forever, why did I make it to stand here on this day for a moment of silence

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