Maya in the Spring

Maya in the Spring
Maya was named after the poet Maya Angelou

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Love and Hurt

Why is it so easy to hurt so many people we love?
I find myself asking this question so many times. It is because we know our love ones most inner problems and we as people jus pounce on them the first chance we get? To bring that person down even more?
I've been thru so many things in my life mostly w/family and I find my family maybe likes to tear me down instead of uplifting me.

They treat strangers better than they do me. Then I thought about this question and had to reflect my thoughts a little more. What if I never showed them any love? I tend to always blame the other person but never look at my faults. I'am doing better about this process it will take me awhile. I have made up my mind, to say I love you more. Even when family gets me down, I will bring the best out in me and not focus on others and my WHYS.

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