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Maya in the Spring
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Angela Davis

It was so amazing last night. Here at the OSU Campus, Angela Davis spoke about issues on a large scale. One that gave me awwww was the struggle for huaman rights for all. Even tho, in light of Black Hisotry Month, I think it was way pass time to hear someone speak about issues and it not be about America. We have problems yes, but I think we should look deeper into this on wider scale.

She spoke about Haiti that moved me in way , that mad me almost want to cry. She spoke about the independence of Haiti, how everyone wants to talk about how poor Haiti is. We never discuss what Haiti did for us as African people or as a culture. They did so much and received so little.

It also was so interesting that she would speak about her first teaching job @UCLA and how she got fired. One because she was black, two she was a women and three she was a communist. Her story is nothng like mine, but in one small way I can relate.

I was born to a white mother and black father, in the late 70's. Most people would say "Oh that's nothing". Well not here in Columbus, Ohio. It seem to me racsim followed my mother everywhere. I remember her telling me a sotry about how an older African-American women came up to my mother and told her in so many words. "Honey you dont know nothing about raising a black child". I was just a baby at the time. But hearing this story and many after compelled me not to be like them or my mother side of the family.

What I took from yesterday was more understanding. We are all human regardless of race, sex you know the rest. hahahhha
But we all have purpose, a true sense of one. Its not about anything else. Its about the respect you hold for all people. It has nothing to do with that Angela is or was a communist or part of the most feared group in America (Black Panter Party). What I got from her was hope, struggle one person faced w/so many other things in this world. Just like us all.

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