Maya in the Spring

Maya in the Spring
Maya was named after the poet Maya Angelou

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Friday, February 12, 2010

इट्स ओनली टाइम इ सीन म्य्सेल्फ़

She walked with a twitch fast pace, her head was oval shape, long and her chin came to a point. Her hair came down her back it was straight, bone straight, thin with no curls or no bangs. It was light brown like Carmel with hint of mint in it. Her cheeks were red and she obsessively was agitated with the wind coming upward as she walked into it. She was about 5’8 and no more than 120 pounds; she was thin had a silhouette like a dancer.

She was young in her early twenties, maybe a student. She was going somewhere important like she was running for a clock.
You could tell her legs where long and she took long steps when she walked with her head still down.

She was wearing some corduroys tan/worn but in good condition, she had brown loafers on and her coat is plaid. Green and red plaid dull colors, worn colors. Like old very old…she could got it at a thrift store; you don’t see Pella-coats like that anymore. The wool you could tell was thick and the coat came past her torso.

But something about her, reminds me of me. She looks nothing like me. She may be distant, yes she looks distant. Maybe it’s me, but something about the way she walks. Yes-her head is down when she walks shows she is distant from the world. She walks in hurry, like I. I can tell she wants control, well I know I want control I get that from years of dance class, sounds odd but true. When you dance everything flows, pasture, head up. I got this control from 11yrs of ballet classes.

I don’t seem so confident anymore.

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